The Lion’s Song


The Lion’s Song is a narrative-focused Point & Click Adventure that was originally made for Ludum Dare #30 “Connecting Worlds” for the 72h competition using Adventure Game Studio. It won #1 place in Mood and Graphics and #4 overall. Additionally it received the Vienna Content Award 2014 in the “Character” category.

Players take on the role of Wilma, a young composer, who struggles with finishing her latest composition. By moving to a secluded cabin in the middle of the Austrian Alps she hopes to find inspiration in the nature that’s going to surround her. However a storm prevents her from leaving the cabin where she’s staying. Days pass. She doesn’t write a thing. Things start to look desperate when suddenly the phone rings…


Further Development

After the success of the game jam I approached Mipumi Games and we partnered up to bring The Lion’s Song to Steam. The game is now being adapted into a series of self-contained point & click short stories connected into an over-arching narrative. Set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria every story shows a perspective on one of history’s most exciting times for being a creator.

The Lion’s Song was greenlit in 10 days, receiving almost 2000 ‘Yes’ Votes and reaching rank #31 of the top 100 game in Greenlight at the time.

In each episode players will take on the role of a fictive person from the circles around famous Austrian visionaries such as Freud, Klimt and Schrödinger. Players will experience the days and hours prior to these persons’ greatest accomplishments – the last push, that last struggle. The stories show pride, jealousy, misery, apprehension and the power of encouragement through friends, family and serendipitous encounters.