Onemore Night


Can we stay one more night?

Onemore night is a gameboy-style visual novel and #altgame that was created for GBJam #4 in August 2015 in collaboration with Craig Barnes who worked on music and sound effects for the game. It made rank #41 in the gbjam voting and was received fairly well despite it’s enormously short playtime.

Onemore night tells the story of three teenage girls who have a habit of going camping just before the end of summer break. Their last year of school is about to begin. Many things happened in the past summer and there’s a feeling looming in the air. A feeling that with this night a chapter of their lives will conclude, leaving many many things unsaid. All three of them know that what they have is more than an ordinary friendship… will anyone say something?

Players take on the role of Jen and talk to either Nishay or Holly – her two closest friends. Clicking through simple conversations with only limited choices both the night and the game are soon over.