My Pixel Vienna talk

Hey y’all,

today (October 31,2015) a gave a short talk about pixel art and why I think it’s a good place to start out when you’re making games at the Pixel Vienna conference. Using my Surface 2 for the presentation there were some really funny moments each time someone tweeted mentioning my name. I had forgotten to turn off the Twitter app on the device so there was a notification popping up with every tweet. Once people realized this they started really participating on the talk and it caused quite a few laughs. But I swear that wasn’t planned for!

The main arguments my talk covered were:

Pixelart is …

  • fast to produce (if you start with the right size)
  • able to express a lot with little
  • easy to tweak
  • a meditative experience
  • a TON of fun 🙂

Here are some pics that were tweeted at me during the talk showing a section in which I explained the benefits of reducing something ‘more realistic’ to something more iconic.

If you were there: thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed my short talk. Oh and as always stay: see you on the Twitters.